MILD2WILD Z06 / NPP C6 Exhaust On Demand

MILD2WILD Z06 / NPP C6 Exhaust On Demand
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Product Description

This revolutionary product lets you control your 2006/2007 bi-mode exhaust system on demand via a tiny wireless remote or the Homelink feature in your car.

The “OFF” mode gives you that race car sound 100% of the time. The “ON” mode works as the stock setting and is quiet to preset OEM 3,500 RPM . The switch can be used anytime the car is running, allowing you to use the remote to open and close the flaps on demand.

You will receive the professionally engineered plug and play wireless receiver, two miniature remotes (battries included) and the necessary homelink programing instructions.

  • Fits 2006/2007 Z06
  • 2008 Z06 or 2008 C6 with NPP (bimode) exhaust also available.

  • Please specify model year with purchase.

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